Hello modular friends.
I have been designing this rack for about a year now. Started with a neutron and a dfam ,pam & akemie , now here i am ModularGrid Rack
Primary goal for this system is producing aleatoric stochastic rythms & glitch. I should receive the shapeshifter tomorrow. I don’t have the neutron anymore but i’m keeping the dfam. What do you think of this system, is There any big flow or some way to improve it?
Keep in mind i don’t want to change my case and go for a bigger system than 6U 104hp. I think i could use better the 8hp Space occupied by the bd-909 and also the warp 10hp.

I'd definitely let the ShapeShifter mature in your workflow before adding any new modules.
If you pull the Warps and the TipTop 909 modules, that frees up 18HP.

My first thought was a Worng Vector Space for creating some interesting modulation sources by using what you have onboard. But it's 20HP. So you'd have to find another module to cut out.

A Befaco dual attenuverter would be nice since it can attenuvert as well as offset.

A Clep Diaz or two might be useful for some additional glitchiness.

There's also a lack of effects unless the Disting is being pressed into generating reverbs, delays, etc.

You could also make a go of adding some simple mute switches. Noise Engineering makes a bank of 4 that fits in 4HP. Joranalogue makes a Select 4, which is more involved.

I don't see any logic modules either. A Joranalogue Compare 2 or even something more simple (like a Blue Lantern logic module) might add some tastiness to your patches: AND, OR, NOR, NAND, XOR, etc...

Just some ideas off the top of my head... but it's all going to come down to what makes the experience better for you.

thanks for taking the time to reply Ronin. a lot of not so obvious ideas and some lesser known modules i will look closely...
indeed i was thinking off some logic modules maybe the disting have some i must invest more time in it.
Yes i think the SS need some time to be dedicated and is really worth the effort.
Actually i have outboard effects in my mix console . the modular effects are covered by the prism and warp with the parasite firmware.