thoughts are usefull

hi, i want to extend my existing eurorack with a third row (the bottom row mostly)
ModularGrid Rack
i'm working a lot with sequencing and whistles, bells, blows etc waveforms; percussive sounds
mostly by DFAM ("stand alone"); still i've that gut feeling that somethings are missing ...
any ideas?

thanks, Dirk

Why all the buffered mults? Really, you only need one of those to make sure you're not getting voltage sag on a CV path that's critical to tuning. And if you yank a couple, you then have room for a comparator, and maybe a discriminator. These are very useful in time-heavy rigs, since they can "read" moduation signal behavior and output more gates/triggers based on those, which can then be run thru the Plog for more Boolean complexity. The 2hp Buff at the top-right probably could be changed out to an unbuffered mult, also.

The other glaring issue here is modulation sources. I see a Maths, a single ADSR, the Black Modulator, and the Pam's...and with all of the other sources and such in here that really would benefit from more elaborate modulation, that would seem to be the "somethings missing" you've noticed. There's 10 VCAs, for example (yay!!!), but only those mod sources to control them (boo.). So, something's got to go so that you can get more cyclical sources. My suggestion would be to lose the Shelves (which is sort of an odd fit here) and then drop in a Batumi (four LFOs) and perhaps a Doepfer A-141-4 (quad VC ADSR) which would then balance out your modulation needs. This also eliminates any pressing need to use the Pam's as an LFO or EG source, which then frees it up for more elaborate timing/triggering trickery.

Lastly, that Pittsburgh that you've got more modulation sources, you could step up to a much better mixer that offers VCA control over levels, panning, AUX send/returns, etc...Toppobrillo's Stereomix 2 drops right into that 24 hp space and allows a lot of stereo placement and effects tricks than the Lifeforms System Interface. And if you lose the Pittsburgh Outs, you can then swap to a Happy Nerding OUT, which gives you not only the same functions as the Pitt unit, it adds metering and a second stereo bus which would allow you to easily parallel another effect in onto your final output mix. That would let you do something such as having both the Erbe-verb and the DLD on the same stereo pair...just put the Erbe-verb on the Toppobrillo's AUX send/return (they're really perfect for each other...mono in, stereo out on the 'Verb, the opposite on the Toppo's AUX) and fly the DLD in on the second stereo bus on the OUT. Anyway, just a few suggestions that came to mind...

hi Lugia, your mind has discovered a lack of necessary functionalities : modulation sources and mixing
(btw: the buff mults are there to "fill the gasps" and indeed redundant
thanks and i'll start projecting right away, Dirk