ModularGrid Rack


I would appreciate any feedback on my rack. My goal is to produce ambient-generative sounds. Down the road Id like to play with Brains/Pressure Points. Thanks!

Hi JonoVizion,

I miss a bit the classic components in your rather small rack. Please check the basics of oscillators, LFOs (I don't see any in your current rack), envelopes, filters (I don't see any in your rack), VCAs, etcetera.

I see you got VCAs, envelopes and I think I saw one oscillator. Then you got quite a few "fancy modules" but getting your basic components done first is my recommendation. Then later once you got more experience you can add some more fancy modules depending on your needs.

The rack I feel is too small, so consider at least 3 rows and if possible a wider case. Keep one row empty first for future expansion.

Yes, I know the Octasource is a great module and is in fact a kind of crazy LFO. I got that one myself and I love it but you need just a classic/default LFO too. Consider to add at least one other oscillator, so you have at least two ("normal") oscillators, you will need them.

Good luck with the planning and my advice is to read up on synthesizer basics (if not done already) and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thank you for the feedback Garfield. I was looking to have Plaits and Rings do the the heavy lifting of noise creation but I will look to incorporate a basic VCO besides the Disting. I thought the Octcasource would be a bit of overkill on a case this size but I will also look to a basic dedicated LFO. As for filters I was looking to either Rings or Disting to fulfill that role based on pathing but can you recommend any dedicated Filters that you like?

Hi JonoVizion,

Yes the Octasource is perhaps a bit of an overkill but of all fancy modules you got planned here, keep the Octasource, that module is just sick, sick in a fantastic way, I enjoy that module every time again and again when I use it. It gives you a lot of fun and psychopath of an LFO it is.

I actually like the Doepfer A-124 (SE) VCF5 - Wasp filter module a lot. It's a filter where you get respect for, I really enjoy it and it's reasonably priced.

The Disting mk4 is in my opinion a great module "for emergency cases", let's say you need an extra LFO, or an extra delay module, or an extra... whatever, you can use the Disting for it. Then when you used the Disting for let's say one particular function a lot, then you need for that function a separate module. For that purpose I do think the Disting is a good module.

Kind regards, Garfield.