basically I’m looking for a module that behaves exactly like a buffered mult, but amplifies the signal X2 at each output. does anyone know if such a thing exists? (smaller the better.)

That's not enough information. Is the signal in question audio or a CV or modulation signal?

Thanks @Lugia,

It’s primary function will be to bolster modulation signals coming from my eurorack and modulating my Roland System 100-101.

That's not going to work, as such. You can't exactly "amplify" CVs or modulation signals and arrive at a useful result most of the time. What you can do, though, is to use an adder to add a DC offset voltage of a given amount to raise the CV/mod level. But the sort of amplification you're talking about here would probably be pretty useless...and potentially destructive, as an x2 'amplification" of a 10V p2p modulation signal would give you a 20V p2p one, and that's apt to damage circuits that're used to seeing no more than 10V or so at their inputs.

Have a look at the Doepfer A-185-2,'s T43, or Tiptop's MISO...all of which are useful for modifying CV/mod levels. But the thing that I'm wondering here is that, if Eurorack and the Roland System 100 use the same CV/gate standard, why do the levels need boosting from the Eurorack to the Roland system? Everything should track 1:1 between those two.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

They are not 1:1 compatible. The Roland System 100 expects much stronger mod signals than Eurorack provides - that is indeed the problem I’m trying to solve.

If I can take an envelope modulating from 0V-5V and ramp it up to 0V-10V, I’ll be in business.