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Here is my first eurorack module project for an industrial style.(I would use my Beatstep Pro as a sequencer)
Can you give me your suggestions please

I really would appreciate your help and advice.

It's...OK, I suppose. The problem is that you haven't explained which industrial music you're trying to do; EBM will have rather different requirements than traditional, old-school Industrial.

Industrial and techno, for exemple i like

I just changed my configuration
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Techno Jam ! BY Erica Synths

Equipment used
Erica Synths :Drum Sequencer, Bass Drum, Hi-Hats D,Pico Drum , Black Hole 2, Dual FX, Mutable Instruments : Stages, Marbles , 2HP : Verb, Qu-Bit : Chances, Scanned, Noise Engineering : Loquelic Iteritas Percido, ACL : Dual State Variable VCF