I bought a Braids an Inteligel ADSR and a 2 HP VCA a couple years ago on kijiji, made myself an 84 hp cardboard case, and have expanded somewhat from there. Here is an approximation of my current rack/plan (modules are about 80% complete):
ModularGrid Rack

I am currently in an overflowing Mantis, and I'm building a 124 HP 13U case (let this be a good example of why you should get more case than you think you need).

I think I get about as much joy out of the building as I do from messing around with the completed modules. I currently use the rack to make interesting sounds for sampling. I also like to make 303 sounding acid lines.
I am currently sequencing with Reason, the Performer, Korg SQ1 and a Keystep.

I am looking for a way to directly plug in my guitar without an external preamp, and have a nice envelope follower. I am also looking for a Batumi-like module (but DIY) with syncable LFOs - this will hopefully free up my envelope generators for, well, envelope generation. On that subject, I would love to replace the Inteligel ADSR with something comparable in DIY.

Finally, I'm looking for general suggestions about the layout and and future DIY modules to add. I will have free space of about 100 HP in 3U and 120 HP in 1U (Pulp Logic).


perhaps the befaco instrument interface?

not seen any diy modules like batumi to be honest

maybe this: https://pushermanproductions.com/product/void-modular-dual-adsr-12hp-pcb-black-gold-aluminium-panel/ for the adsr???

perhaps the befaco instrument interface?
-- JimHowell1970

I have read some mixed reviews about the befaco. Maybe I should just try it. Befaco kits are very fun/relaxing to build, and I'm sure I could sell it if I don't like it.

maybe this: https://pushermanproductions.com/product/void-modular-dual-adsr-12hp-pcb-black-gold-aluminium-panel/ for the adsr???
-- JimHowell1970

This looks awesome. Compared to the intellijel, I may miss the end of decay trigger a bit. I use it as a trigger delay. I would also miss the cycle switch (though not so much if I had dedicated LFOs). On the other hand, the built in attenuverters look very useful! And, well, LED sliders make me happy.

Thanks for your reply!

No probs

btw I think that befaco updated the instrument interface quite recently so maybe they fixed the issues, i don't know

good luck with the hunt for a batumi-alike diy module!!!

Hello Elodin,

If LED sliders make you happy then consider the Triple AD module from Hikari Instruments. I got that module and indeed it makes me really happy to use it. The module consists of 3 AD envelopes and is quite flexible in usage.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.