ModularGrid Rack

Trying to make a very small synth for everything I need

Any suggestions

The Splash is discontinued. You have to be lucky to get one since there are not a lot on Marketplaces.

when I click on the link I get a different rack!!!

noob mistakes abound

these small cases are very expensive for each HP - get something 6u/104hp - a mantis for example (really good value) and space to grow into - without this you will just buy another case within a couple of months - or at least want to!!

and then go slowly - minimum viable synth - a sound source, a sound modifier, a modulation source (missing) and something to play it with and something to enable you to listen to it - add a disting mk4 - just so you can learn what different modules can do - if you constantly use the same algo, then buy that module and use disting for something else

and buy a quad cascading vca (veils or intellijel, for example) you will not regret it ever

after that only buy a module once you have learnt each module well and the rack as a whole well

BUT my advice is if you think that this is what you want from modular - get a mom32 or crave or something similar instead