Hello Guys, just let me know what you think... This is a new setup with many new modules, under my discovery yet :!


Istanbul / Turkey

there's no plumbing

by that I mean there's not enough utilities for half the modules there, let alone for the 23 modules that are there - matrix mixers/sequential switches/vcas/unity mixers/mults/lpgs/attenuators/attenuverters etc etc etc

they'll be much more useful in terms of getting the rack to gel as an instrument than adding an extra sequencer - and way cheaper too!

maybe show us what you've actually got...

This rig won't work. Period. You only have a VC8 as a mixer, which it can do but which isn't necessarily its best suit. Plus, the VC8 contains linear VCAs...not the best for audio, especially in the output mix stage, and you've got it way overtaxed with all of the signal sources in this. I see NO intermediate/submixers, NO attenuverters, NO adders, NO logic, NO buffered mults...there's "sexy module syndrome" all over the place here. If you've already bought all of this, congrats...you've built a Money Pit! I hope you haven't, though, because this is one hellaciously expensive fail if you did.

Utility modules are NOT an option. They're a necessity. Without them, you'll have a costly box of modules that really won't work well...or at all, tbh. Spend some time with VCV Rack, or checking out experienced builders' rigs here on MG, or studying "classic" modular systems from the past to see why they're "classics". You'll wind up saving a lot of time and, potentially, a lot of money that way.

Looks like a nice list of modules cherry-picked into a rack.

If you wanted to change the polarity of a CV signal... how would you do that with THIS rack?
If you wanted to scale a CV signal, mix two CV signals... again... how would you?

I don't see any traditional ADSRs. Why not?
The Batumi can always use the Poti expander. In a large set-up, it's very much worth the 3HP.
The only dedicated effect is a Chronoblob... if you're doing ambient, where is your reverb?

All in all, this looks like a fantasy build that has very little study behind it. Sorry to be so harsh. But if someone else putting together a rack sees this they should take these comments to heart.