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So far I'm pretty happy with where I've got to with the modules I've bought, my next purchase thoughts are around the following:
Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4
Noise Engineering Clep Diaz
2hp Arp
2hp RND
Happy Nerding FX Aid
Also need a Clock Multiplier

Monsoon (NI Clouds Clone)

I need a bit more Random going into the Turing Machine, I feel I need a slow clock as the main clock with Multiplier for the lighter jingly/twinkly bits, a Clouds Clone and/or more effects for some textural washes of sound to go around what I already have (and derived from what I already have).

Some of my favorite modules are Ornaments & Crime as well as Temps Utile.

I have the Pittsburgh sequencer. I hate that thing with a passion. You'll get more use out of an Ornaments & Crime and more features in 8HP (microversion) than the 10HP Pittsburgh. That's beyond the scope of what you're asking. But I found it worth mentioning.

It also can function as a quantizer, LFO, and some other nice functions

The Temps Utile can function as a 1-in, 6-out clock divider/multiplier. It also does Euclidean and simple trigger sequences, some internal logic, and is also 8HP.

Research those two modules and see if they fit within your creative horizons.

Thanks, the Temps Utile certainly ticks a few boxes. I have so far been staying away from menu-driven things, though I do realise I'm thinking of the Disting!!
I'm getting along fine with my Pittsburgh MicroSequence, with the direction on Random with possibility of a rest for gates and clock, then I'm using the pitch as modulation mostly.

*edit, Just grabbed a 2hp Div cheap on ebay so that might be my clock multiplying needs filled for the moment.