ModularGrid Rack

Hello fellow module lovers,
First, excuse my poor english writting skills, i'm a little rusted.
After two years of reading about modular synths, i finally took the big step 4 months ago.
So i have been fiddling arround with a few modules for the last 4 months (Plaits, MCO, Mum M8, Stages, Metropolis, Turing Machine, 2hp Euclyd, Quad Vca, Quadratt), had a lot of fun and learned a lot (still am and will be for a long time).
I'm now willing to go a step further and focus on a House / uk tech (Plank, wiggle, Surreal) semi improvisation case.

So here is how i see it working :
- Drums made by a Digitakt, 16 patterns already sequenced, ready to fire. Will choose which one to trigger accordingly to what comes out the improv part
- A Kaoss Pad 3 used as a 4 track looper for transitions
- Modular Case for the improvisation part -> 3 voices
- External effects : Meris polymoon, delay llama and other pedals (for the moment i'm using the delay llama and a dp4). 1 per voice + 1 reverb on the send of a mixer

So, the case : Metron would be used as the main sequencer sending gates and/or clock info for some modules, clocked by Digitakt. Pitch of Arpitecht used for all voices, 2 of them would be coupled with a S&H module for pitch info diversity (As seen in Mylar videos).

Voice 1 : Lead
- Spectrum -> Pole Zero -> Hipass
- Metron -> Shuffler -> Arpitecht ->Skipper -> A140 ADSR -> VCA
- Pitch info provided by Arpitecht

Voice 2 : Bass
- MCO -> MUM M8
- Metron alone or in combo with 2HP Euclyd -> Stages AD env> VCA
- Pitch info provided by Arpitecht + S&H triggered by metron

Voice 3 : Chords
- Plaits -> Jove -> Hipass
- Metron -> A140 ADSR -> VCA
- Pitch info provided by Arpitecht + S&H triggered by metron

  • Trigger for voices 1 and 3 would be doubled so they would trigger as well a AD enveloppe for their respective filter.
  • 2 batumi LFOs (clocked or not) in quadrat channels that i can manually open
  • 2 batumi LFOs (clocked or not) in 2HP VCAs opened with 2 Voltage Block channel
  • Turing machine trigger out clocking the Voltage block (TM clocked by metron)
  • Voltage block used for Arpitecht/Plaits/Filters/etc parameter automation, opening the LFO VCAs

What do you think about the case ? Do you think it is / looks viable in a live performance perspective? Any advice ?