ModularGrid Rack
Eurorack on perfect circuit
I have a volca kick and was wondering, can I use the volca to trigger sequences within the eloquencer?
If this is possible I might switch out the Befaco Kickall for an Oscilloscope to use with the Microbrute.

So I'm new to eurorack and I wanted to make an EDM drum machine/ sequencer rack with an additional lfo to use with my arturia MicroBrute. I know I could get something like an MPC but I really like the look and feel of modular. Let me know if this rack makes sense or if I am missing any key components for this Rack Drum Machine to work. I've also added a Midi to CV input in case I want to control drums with a midi keyboard or for the future if I have another synth. I do think it has a bit more than just midi to cv such as clock dividing. Currently I am within the constraints of 104hp as I chose a make noise skiff powered rack to put it in. I do like this size but if more functions are necessary I am willing to get a bigger case.

This is a list of all the modules. Any suggestions and assistance is much appreciated.

Winter Modular Eloquencer- 38hp
Befaco Kickall- 6hp
Erica Synths Snare- 10hp
Erica Synths Hi-Hat- 10hp
Endorphins Drum Synthesizer- 30hp
Expert Sleepers FH-2 Factotum USB MIDI Host + MIDI-CV- 8hp
LFO- 2hp

Before you start... some considerations:
Eurorack percussion set-ups are insanely expensive compared to buying a drum machine that can sync or receive input from Eurorack. There's nothing wrong with doing percussion in Eurorack... it's just going to cost a pretty penny.

Let's work from the end and work our way backwards.

You'll need an output module that can deliver a stereo line-level (not Eurorack level) output.
You'll need a mixer for all of your percussion inputs. It's best to have one that is stereo and has at least one send for reverb or effects. The Endorphins has a mono sum mixer for its internal sounds... but if you use it, then whatever is in that module is a mix of percussion and has to be treated as a whole.

You'll need a way of triggering your drum modules (Eloquencer will work nicely).

With that... your set-up is missing a main mixer. You'll need a minimum of four inputs. More if you want the individual outs of the Endorphins.

LFOs are useful. But how do you intend to use it in this set-up?
The FH2 will work as an alternative to the Eloquencer if you're working with a DAW. However, the FH2 has to be set-up in advance of the DAW as the FH2 doesn't like to be addressed by the browser GUI and your DAW at the same time. So to change the FH2's settings you'll have to quit out of your DAW.

This set-up is about $2,000 - $3,000US. If you use an off-the-shelf MIDI drum machine with a Befaco VCMC to translate from CV to MIDI you'll spend a whole lot less. If the drum machine can respond to MIDI CC the VCMC can translate from CV to MIDI CV.

Consider your options carefully.

ModularGrid Rack

I took the endorphins BLCK NOIR out for now and put in a 6 channel mixer. I wanted to use the LFO to add it to my MicroBrute synth. I also added a few different effects onto this one. It is a lower cost but still similar around 2k. I know it will be more expensive no matter what I just really want to get into modular and specifically modular drum machines.

ModularGrid Rack
(EDIT) I just made this small rack to see how it would look with the Endorphins. If this has everything I need in terms of a mixer, output, and some drums it might be a smaller and cheaper solution.