just a concept for my future rack


What are you looking to accomplish with this? How would you set up a patch in order to get what you want? Physically, what would you connect in this rack to produce your drum and bass? From my prospective it's severely lacking. Will it produce sound? Yes. Will its functionality beat a stand alone beat box from Akai or Elektron? No. But you'll be paying A LOT more for this.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. My idea was the following: not to compete with an Elektron box, I do not have one but I like them. The Nerdseq tracker interface is like an Amiga Protracker plus it can hold samples itself, The Squid Sample is in a certain way in this rack like an Akai sampler without the weight. The Array is a simple no fuss step secuencer if I dont want to go with the nerdseq. Plaits would be a synth line that is not sampled. The Mum8 as it is based on the s950, so its a must, then the mixer and pamelas for clocked modulation. It is like a portable "classic" jungle setup where you would have the tracker, the samplers, some synth for bass maybe and the filter as it is an importat sound.

It is not cheaper than an octatrack mk2, but it works in a certain way like that old setup would work, just smaller and with spaghetti cable mess on it.


I'd also look at the 1010 Music "BitBox" instead of the Salmple. I'm not saying it's better or worse for your set-up, just different. Some major differences is the ability to record and playback in stereo, visual editing, and more sample time (longer loops than 11 seconds). The Bitbox also has a MIDI IN on a 3.5mm jack. So you can go from a 5-pin MIDI cable to a dongle, then straight into the Bitbox. So if you are using your DAW or hardware unit with a MIDI OUT, you can skip the Nerd Sequencer and just fire it off via MIDI (as an alternate set-up). It may or may not be your cup of tea.

What I also like about the Bitbox is that you can run two additional firmwares on it that turn it into a multi-effects box or a wavetable synthesizer.

Great, I did not looked at the 1010 before but it sounds really good. I will keep thinking about it