I've just got the Disting Mk4 and now i know why i was trying to avoid menu-based modules. I'm hoping there is going to be something in there that i can experiment with but right now I feel like the manual is like some weird form of algebra, and i could have spent my money on something i would have enjoyed straight out of the box rather than Click-Twist-click-twist-check the manual, plug-unplug-check the manual!

I shall persevere, but leave this expletive here Fckngmenus

Some time later
I have an SD card turning up soon for this so I can play with the sample playback stuff.
My current feelings are that I would get better use (Fun) out of a Ping-able LFO and a Radio Music :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

He, he, yeah, similar feelings here with the Disting Mk IV. Far too much menu stuff, but I knew this is what would happen on forehand but I still bought it... I keep the Disting as an "emergency" module: In case I miss a certain functionality or I need more modules of the same functionality but I don't have enough, then the Disting jumps into place --> though I have to go through the manual first then to figure out how to get that functionality. Nothing self-explanatory here :-)

You gave me a good hint though, I like your idea of using it as a sample-player, better than hanging idle in my casing while it's waiting to become the hot-spare/emergency module :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi there !
Being an Elektron Octatrack user, I'm not afraid of reading manuals often or having to remember key combinations by heart. Consequently, I find the Disting really OK from that point of view and having that many functions available to test a bunch of ideas is amazing. When I'm not using it for experiments it usually serves as an effect module, clocked delay more often that not, it's a very decent delay module IMHO.
I also need to point out how awesome it is to have colored leds at the inputs showing voltage strength visually, brilliant idea really, even better than having the activity led that some modules have. I wish more manufacturers were using those !
With regards to sample playing, I have read somewhere (here I think) that the Radio Music sample playing might not be the tightest when it comes to timing, so if you're thinking about it make sure you check that out first to avoid frustration ;)
I hope you'll find a way to have fun with the Disting !

PS: are you the Wishbone Brewery who invited Mylar Melodies to play (he posted a video a few days ago) ? That was neat !

Hello Garfield.
I've been keeping dipping into it and the manual, I never knew I could fall out with a piece if gear so fast!

I think the VCO bits are the most usable for me at the moment, then there is the bit about using single-cycle .wav files for the Pulsar VCO and Wavetable VCO (SD card needed).

I guess you could say that, as a beginner at modular, the Manual could have an easy to understand explanation of each menu function, with 109 pages in the manual already a little more less-techie info wouldn't be missed.

Hi Diego, Yes, thats us :) I think we scared our drinking-customers a bit but I enjoyed it ;-)

The Clockable effects and LFO are probably going to get used, I miss having all the direct control knobs for instant tweaking.

May I suggest these 2 quick reference guides?
10 pages manual
3 pages manual

wow, thanks defragmenteur.

The first link looks like it may make things easier but the bottom link, copied and pasted into a browser doesn't work.

May I suggest these 2 quick reference guides?

-- defragmenteur

Thx a lot this is so much better than the official pdf

The 3 page manual link

3 page manual, this site seemes to strip the underscores

To make use of the Disting, you really have to practice accessing the programs and features. For me, it's a bit frustrating as the interface isn't intuitive and tends to be unnecessarily cumbersome.

Honestly if it came in an 8HP version with a decent LCD display... and functioned more like a micro Ornaments & Crime when accessing programs and features, I'd get that in a heartbeat.

Expert Sleepers makes great modules. But the user interfaces always leave a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

I've just got my SD card.... you need to order a pair of Tweezers to go with it, and I don't particularly have fat fingers.

Hi Defragmenteur,

Thanks a lot for those both documents, that's helpful, especially for a module like the Disting :-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

Well I got recently an Elektron A4 but I prefer the Elektron over the Disting if it comes to the user interface. Actually if it comes to almost everything ;-) Looks like you are more comfortable with modules like the Disting :-)

Thanks for the hint on the samples playing. Will keep that in mind.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Ha, ha, yeah I also just got an SD card to put it in the Disting. I managed to put it in using my nail to put it in. The nail was thin enough to reach the thing, being scarred though that the SD card goes under my nail causing some unpleasant pain but just survived it :-)

I need to find time to use it as a samples player. Let's see how that goes.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,

I've had a bit of a play with the sample modes, with my current rack setup there is some entertainment to be had with having a long sample set then triggering the ADSR to play snippets of the audio along with the other sequenced parts. I've got some old shortwave radio recordings, weather reports and the ubiquitous Moon-Landing samples, plenty of scope for fun. I need to dive into the sample playing abilities a bit deeper, the thing I note straight away is that the more samples you have loaded the harder it is to scroll through them with the limited range knob as its VERY fine adjustments.

I can get the SD card in with my fingers/finger nail but its never going to come out without tweezers :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

He, he, nice idea of using ADSR to play snippets of your samples. Once I got time I will try that too. I got a crazy LFO (Black Octasource from Erica Synths), might use that one as well. Let's see if we can get the Disting on its knees ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

I think the youtube videos linked in the manual are very good help.

Now you have an SD card - check out favourites - this allows you to group some algorithms together so that you can switch between them easily - and it makes it more likely that you will learn these, so not be so frustrated at having to use a manual / look up table most of the time

The menu is not particularly difficult to navigate, nor is it particularly complex, it's just big and lots of simple - too much to hold in your head at once - so don't try

Just remember that input 1 modulates the same param as the knob, input 2 is the main input other than that unless it's stereo input algo 3 is cv and that the bottom 2 are outputs and concentrate on your favourites, you'll remember them in a couple of weeks and then only need the manual if you need something out of the ordinary - Buchla conversion for example

As I think someone on here mentioned, the Stereo Tape Delay on the Disting is rather nice :)