ModularGrid Rack

Hey all,

Here is my planned rack for ambient/post-rock. I already have the Pam's, OC, Chord, Rings, Quadratt and quad VCA but am going to pull the trigger on the rest soon.

I've been using the Ornament and crime for quantization but am not too fond of that workflow... so I thought a Scales would be more "playable" and also open up the OC for its other apps. Also how important is envelope/function generation for this type of music? I was going to do it mainly with the Contour 1. Would appreciate any feedback.


Hi ChewySoap,

Did you bought already the Eurorack casing? If yes then never mind ;-) But if no, try to plan a bigger case, it looks pretty full in your rack and you should keep some space left for future extensions.

You got yourself there a few nice modules planned, however perhaps you should look into a few classical modules as well, like to plain but good oscillators? Add a ring modulator to it, if possible a dual ring modular, the output of those two oscillators in the first modulator, the output of that first modulator into the 2nd modulator together with the output of that Chord module and you might get some interesting results ;-) Just an example, not saying you must do that. Just showing that you need more space really :-)

Perhaps one more filter?

I see you also planned the Contour 1, that's an AD/AR if I understand the module right. Perhaps you might want to consider a classic ADSR as well, sometimes you want to have just a bit more than just an AD.

If you bought the rack already, perhaps you should wait with the Make Noise Pressure Points (I know it's a nice module, got it myself) and the Stereo Triggered Sampler from 4ms. For such a small rack these modules take away a lot of your available space. Get some more classic/basic modules first and when you are still happy with modular, then consider to get yourself a second casing and then you might want to add those larger modules. Just an idea to save space here.

You also might want to have a look at other rack comments here in the same forum category to get some ideas and feedback that other users got.

Good luck with the planning, think about the available space :-) and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

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