Hi Turk128,

Could you please provide the link to your rack, so it's easier to have a look at it? A picture doesn't help much, since I would like to check certain modules to see what they do, hence a link to your rack is required.

First impression: you are using some very huge modules for a very limited space-wise rack, you might want to reconsider that or better start to plan with a larger rack :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

ModularGrid Rack

do you have any experience with the system80 810 or erica bassline?
i have to choose this two or only atlantis.. don't know if manther growl would be a good prospect

Hi Turk128,

I think you have to give access to your rack. Once I try to open your rack, I get the warning that this rack is private.

Sorry, I don't have a clue what's a system80 810. Is System80 the brand name and 810 the module name? I just had a look at the modules page, sorry haven't heard from the Sysgtem80 brand before, always something to learn :-) If the 810 is your thing, perhaps a Behringer Neutron is something for you as well?

Do you have already some other equipment and/or experiences with synthesizers? Just asking to get a better view on your rack and trying to understand why you came up with this rack.

If the Neutron might be your thing and you haven't bought any Eurorack stuff yet, may I advice to start with the Neutron first, get some experience with it and if you get that "hungry feeling" that you want more and have this urge to get into Modular then yes, things will be all right :-) That's how I started too.

Particular experience with bassline (Erica Synths) I don't have but I have quite a few modules from Erica Synths and generally I am quite happy with their modules. The user interface is usually very good (pico modules a bit less because of the limited HP space but for what they offer within 3 HP still good) and most modules of Erica Synths offer a good value & play-ability. This all might sound a bit "neutral" to you perhaps but Erica Synths is definitely one of my preferred brands.

Kind regards, Garfield.