I can see two ways of thinking about this...
I currently have the WMD SSF ADSRVCA which I'm really liking, is this a good enough reason to buy more of them or is it better / more interesting with varied possibilities to buy things like the Befaco ADSR, Instruo Ceis, Intelegel Dual ADSR, Qu-bit Contour etc etc??? (Think exactly the same question for VCAs)

For the Befaco I'll probably do the DIY, Instruo looks pretty similar to the befaco then there is the Intellijel Dual ADSR which I really like the idea of as its based around the SH101, I used to own the Roland MC202.

I don't really have intentions to ever own a wall of Synth so maybe sticking with the WMD SSF ADSRVCA is the way to go, I'm also interested in something with a long cycle time.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

That's a very good question. I asked that myself about the Erica Synth Black VC EG. I like that one so much, should I just get yet another piece of it or should I rather get different ADSRs to extend my horizon? I got already a few other ADSRs by the way and so far, for me, the Black VC EG is the nicest one (under the ADSRs).

I think at the end, nobody can answer our question; I do think, we have to answer ourselves that question. I think my approach is going to be:

If I like that module so much... so what?! Just get another one and enjoy even more!

It's just that I am running at the moment short on HPs and my extension plans need some time, so that's why I haven't bought the second Black VC EG one yet.

Kind regards, Garfield.

I have only one classic ADSR and rarely use it. I prefer Maths or Zadar. For the VCA I suggest a quad VCA with linear/exponential response, bipolar CV input and cascaded mixer like MI Veils or Intellijel Quad VCA.

Cheers Guys...

A quad VCA is on my wish list (either Veils or Blinds), I must say I like a few of the dual VCA though from Frequency Central or Eectrosmith, skinny enough to dot around a system close to what they will mainly be used on.

So with Maths, can you shoot it 4 separate triggers and get 4 separate envelopes?

Maths can do so many things!

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Have a full read on this Make Noise Maths manual:


It might do what you want: channels 1 & 4 are kind of the "classical" EGs and you might want to use the channels 2 & 3 for a similar purpose as well, however in such case I would just go for a more classical quad-EG and use that instead.

Defragmenteur is right, the Maths module can do so many things that it's a bit pity to use it as "just a plain quad EG".

If you just want to shoot 4 triggers (each by a separate EG) perhaps a quad AD would be sufficient?

Kind regards, Garfield.