I finally decided to live the dream.
Started with some nice VSTi's like Z3TA+ 2 and Diva by Uhe. Still nice but then wanted to know more so I got
ahold of Syntorial. Excellent. But then...
Well all of you know, theres that itch for hardware. Not just any hardware, that "Dream of Wires" hardware.
So I have lists now, I'm taking my time and doing it right. I know there is no one size fits all in this, and
thats part of its charm. So let me tell you my goal(s) and maybe start there.
I want to do generative music, and have stereo output. However I want the /option/ to be able to connect in
my midi keyboard and use it that way if I want. At least two voices, probably more like three but I can build
up. Eurocrack is only sort of a joke. I haven't even started and I want every other module I see reviewed on
Youtube. As for a case, right now I don't care about the asthetics, I'll build one myself, or get a cheap one
with power. I'm imagining 9U by 104HP but thats a guess at this point.
Budget? Well, this years I'll get a bonus at work for about 1200$.
The thing that hooked me was when I saw RF Nomad. I've always loved those sorta shortwave sounds in
certain analog synth bits and wow, why not just put the shortwave directly in there?
I know y'all probably get someone coming along like this all the time but any suggestions, comments, advice
for how to start strong with these goals in mind would make me a happy boy. Thanks!