Hi Y'all. This is my first build and i've put a fair amount of thought into it. I'd like to make sure I'm not missing any important components as I'm a modular noob. Open to suggestions to better my goals.

The case is 6u 84 hp. I really like the idea of this size, feels comfy and will fit in to my tight quarters. However I am open to expanding to 104 hp if I have to.
I'd like to voice the following in one patch.
* Bongos - Mainly by using the Zularic repetitor to strike one of my lowpass gates or use it to sequence the Anti-Oscillator and send that through the LPG

  • Kick Drum - FIL-1 Low Frequency Resonator has a trig input i'd like to ring from the pulse expander of the Turing Machine.
  • Harmonic Sub bass - STO should cover this I believe. I am planning to get an Arturia Key step to send gate out to the 1v/octave or use the volts expander of the turing machine.

*Strings/Plucks - The Rings clone would come into play here. Love its polyphony mode and overall character. Sequenced by the turning machine. I could see me sending it through the optomix or QPAS. I also feel the organic and complex tones from the Anti-Oscillator being complimentary and sequenced with the volts expander if using the Arturia for the STO. If ran through the L/R channels of qpas I can envision a duophonic sequence with a nice stereo image.

*soft/noisy/mircro percussion - There is a noise out on the turing machine. Could this be used to strike the optomix or even send straight to the output?

I will use Pams Workout as master clock and its additional outs for EG and various utilities as needed. Quantizing with Ornament and Crime. It also has a shift register which could be cool. Maths for its various functions as needed (Lfo, slew, EG, EF, Attenuator, Inverter) Quad VCA by intelligel and another in the ADSR module by SSF. I have the "Bad Idea" to attenuate signals to line level which I would like to send to an external mixer for eq, panning, and performing as well as to an Octatrack for FX. I'm not sure that is a good way to go about it. I do like the idea of having up to 8 individual outs tucked into my last remaining 14 hp though...

I hope to be able to use this as a standalone device as well as a source for samples. (My main background is the groovebox workflow and could see this as a sound design tool for that type of thing) In the future it might be nice to build a box with a touch controller and some switches.

Is there anything critical I am missing? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
Much Love,
- G

104hp is not a must - it may work out better value ($/hp) and stave off buying another case by a few months in the future, though

Personally I always recommend 6u 104hp as a good starter size

This will also allow you to buy an actual MI Rings - so the person who created it actually gets paid!

And I would go for an MI Marbles over a Turing Machine

Otherwise, just get your minimum viable synth (4 or 5 modules) and then go slowly, ignoring what you think you want now, for what you actually need once you've started patching - more utilities probably