Holy accidentally expensive hobbies, Batman. This was certainly an eye opener as far as cost of builds. I don't really pay so much attention to how much these builds cost, but I was legitimately shocked. I was looking at each module, $70 here, $120 there, these cost ~$200, but they're also the largest modules in the build... Doesn't seem like much, until you have ~30 of them. Still, buying them over time isn't really that bad. Plus, many of them, the 2hp synth voices in particular, aren't absolutely necessary; I just like those voices.

Cost analysis out of the way, this was another fun challenge build. Expanding from my _picoRack concept, this build uses almost exclusively the brands 2hp and Erica, with all but the Mixer being 2-4 HP. I allowed for the mixer to be a tad larger since it works well with the Intellijel Pallette, meaning in another case that could be reduced. I also took the opportunity to take the 1U row to cram in an Ornament and Crime for the sake of having a powerful CV modulation source. The Intellijel 1U Midi module is also a bit big for my tastes, but it, again, works well with the case. Hopefully one day they'll release a smaller version. Either way, I did my best to cover every HP in that row with something.

These modules could allow for a certain amount of specialization in a tiny amount of space. For instance, the Erica Logic and A Logic modules turn 6 HP into a rather powerful logic circuit. If I didn't have Pico Noise for drums, I could replace both with a Kinks if I also didn't care so much about CV logic. Speaking of Pico Noise, I'm thinking it would work well with the physical modeler section. Which itself is a tiny, tiny Elements, at least in my head.

Either way, this was also fun and informative. I've been watching reviews and demonstrations on all sorts of modules lately, and these experiments have given me ideas on how to plug certain gaps in any larger builds.