Hi i need opinion i want to make a good system that is fun to use, need opinion what you think and want to make different.

This is what i have now ModularGrid Rack

And this is what i think i want for a fun system ModularGrid Rack

What do you think folks ? Am i on right track?

First question: how do you define "Fun"? What kind of music do you want to make? That question should dictate every choice you make. That said...

You're limiting yourself by sticking solely with two producers (Mutable Instruments/Tip Top). There are so many options out there to add variety into your setup. Also, once you start putting 3 2hp VCAs into your rack, consider whether another module might give you more bang for you buck, like, say, the Intellijel Quad VCA.

Instead of putting a system together in this fashion, perhaps take it a piece at a time. For example, you've got the Tip Top Circadian Rhythms. Ok...have you watched every video you could find about the various trigger modules out there? Are you able to go to a store to try them out? (Not easy unless you live in a major city, I understand.) On the drums, have you looked at options from WMD, Intellijel, Mutable, etc.? As you watch videos about various modules, you'll have a much better sense as to whether you're on the right track.

Story it whas wrong this i right ModularGrid Rack :) this is my first case, the other case alla abought perkussion and bass. I have looken up alot on youtube but its not good for me, and i dont have any store to go to.

In this case i want to make lush medolic ambient/downtempo in one case, any more tip what i can do better, yes intellijel MI WMD and acl is the one i whant hole system from, i have 5 years plan for this :)

That's better, but the same comment applies. Once you're putting four 2hp mix modules in your system, you should probably consider a single, more robust mixer module instead. Also, all of those 2hp modules so close together will be fairly difficult, if not impossible, to manipulate, especially during live performance.

You don't need two plaits, two tides, two rings. Keep one of each and fill that space with a greater variety of modules!

Think about MI grids for triggering your drums and something more dedicated to pitch sequencing. Perhaps a Rene for more happy accidents or Q-bit Octone for a more standard approach to melody. Another option would be Pam's and O+C that would get you into a Rene type sequencing. I only mention these because there in a lot of peoples racks.

Your lacking envelopes. I would get a least one standard ADSR envelope this being its only function.

Stages with only six steps it a really expensive envelope generator. Any other functions Stages does with only six steps it does poorly. If you double up on anything get two of those.
Happy rack obsessing

What do you think now ModularGrid Rack

You are on the right track. Did you see my failed attempt to reply to your post? What changes have you made?


No i dident see that can you sned it agen?, my Biggest change now is that its a good and strong Perc/synth sound with layering, case number 2 is going to be Heavy on drum/perc. I buy 1-3 moduls a month so i have time to learn them. The problem is that when i think i have learn my moduls in group i leran somthing new abought it hehe.

I think its not what moduls i buy its how you learn and Connect to them thats important, coz then i realy use them 100% and dont have to have a Big system to make realy good sounds.

I forgot to say that i build this together with my daughter :)

This going to be a beautiful and quality Sounding synth. This is case nr1

ModularGrid Rack

Any opinion

There are lots of Mutable Instrument clones out there that are a lot smaller in size. Some Mutable Instruments modules are also out of production, so a clone might might be your only option.

What are you doing for a sequencer or even a quantizer? I'm not familiar with Instruo's line so is there one in there? There's a lot of fun to be had by having an onboard sequencer or quantizer around. A micro version of Ornaments & Crime is a great place to start for simple sequences and quantizing. It's 10HP or you can go to Plum Audio and get a 1U version that fits in Intellijel's 1U row.