Hi All
Just to let you know the for sale listing

Mordax ... member.......!@#$%%$#@!ambientandambience
Is a rip off......

You mean that user with already one negative vote on his profile and a thread by another user getting scammed (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/8359) ? Not surprising but at least you used the PayPal protection, right ?

No, and if I had done 45 seconds of research I would have seen the bad history.
I’ve bought at least a dozen modules from all over the world, and everyone, till this, has been great.
I love the community, and this won’t put me off. I’ll just do some basic research in the future.

Sorry to read that then but at least you've got the right attitude, I'm impressed by how you're able to easily remember that one bad experience shouldn't put you off interacting more with the rest of this amazing community so I respectfully tip you my hat.
If I were you, I'd try to contact PayPal nonetheless, perhaps repeated complaints (the victim from the other thread said he introduced one) against the same user could have an effect ?
Wishing you the best luck for the future ;)

Hey, thanks very much for the support . I have contacted PayPal. I understand ModularGrid doesn’t want to get into disputes between people, but they really should inhibit sellers after a couple of complaints, I’ll contact them next.