PSU: Doepfer A-100PSU3
+12V / 2000mA, -12V / 1200mA, +5V/2000mA (max. 4000mA when the 2A fuse is replaced by 4A)

Hi Blinkenlichten,

Are you sure you are not going to fry your power supply PSU3 when using the 4 A fuse?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi GarfieldModular,
I don't know. I've just copied the description "(max. 4000mA when the 2A fuse is replaced by 4A)" 1:1 from here:

Until now, I have no module, which needs 5V. And I do not plan to buy one.
If there was a cheaper version of PSU3 without the 5V part, I would have bought it. :-)

Regards, Blinkenlichten

Hi Blinkenlichten,

Interesting, it also mentions this:

"If required the value can be increased up to max. 4A. But this is recommended only if really a higher current than 2A is required."

Hmmm, not a very nice reassuring message, is it? :-) "Only if really a higher current than 2A is required." sounds to me like... "otherwise..." otherwise what? Frying the stuff? Pity that Doepfer's website doesn't provide more information.

But it's good to know, so to be on the save side one should be able to change the 2 A Fast with a 3.15 A Fast fuse (rather then going onto the edge(?) of 4 A).

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi GarfieldModular,

yes, but that is not the only information about this PSU3 that is unclear. Another piece of information that I could not find out: what about these two earth connection points on the supply side? Doepfer does not mention this, not even in the official circuit diagram.
Even at MuffWiggler nobody seems to know in which situation these two connection points should be used. :-(

Since I am currently still in the construction phase with this case, I will remove the PSU again next weekend and take a closer look and measure it. If I don't find out, I'll ask Doepfer.

Regards, Blinkenlichten