I'm planing to add a Mimetic Digitalis to my system, I would use it to sequence the MI plaits model and pitch.

I've been reading the manual and it seems like you can press and turn the knob to have semi-tones, does that mean the pitch would be on tune? what about randomising the sequence? Does it stay in tune when creating random sequences using the shred button? Also, can the Mimetic Digitales be used as a gate/trigger sequencer? From reading the manual I would say all that is possible but I'd appreciate if any of you have used the module and can confirm it.

The Mimetic seems straightforward and easy to use, my second option would be something like the varigate 4+. What are your thoughts about this modules?

You can tune the Mimetic Digitalis's CV to notes but it will be easier to dial in melodies quicker with a quantizer since it does take some time to tune in melodies without one. For some people it might not be the most efficient workflow. I like to use it this way, but if you're used to writing sequences by playing keys or dialing notes, you may find it cumbersome. The shred feature creates random voltages across several octaves and since there is no built in scale quantization the results are not always in key or musical. It lacks dedicated gate outputs for each channel, but you can use the channels to out put a voltage to trigger an envelope per step.

If you can live with only 8 steps of sequencing, I would say go for the Varigate 4+ since it has built in scale quantization, a built in clock, probability, repeat, clock division and is expandable. MD is more of a modulation source so it lacks all of those features.

Have you looked at the Qu-Bit Octone? It's a similar module(size, price and features) but also have a few options the MD and Varigate 4+ don't

One other point about having a quantizer: you don't have to use it with a sequencer.

If your quantizer is capable of loading different scalar patterns, you can restrict it to only the specific pitches you want to appear psuedorandomly, and then you can feed it things like complex voltage curves, sample-and-hold CVs, LFOs, etc, and you'll get randomish behavior each time the quantizer is stepped by the clock or gate/trig sequencer. Plus, a few quantizers take up less space than most full-on CV sequencers, so if the goal is to create these sorts of stochastic patterns, you can use a few of them to create shifting polyphonic harmonic structures off of various psuedorandom inputs. Think of this as being sort of like using a sample and hold, but with discrete pitch results as opposed to the randomness offered by noise signals.

One other useful point: you can also use quantizers as analog shift register stages. For example, if you wanted a four-note arpeggiation, you would patch quant #1's CV out to #2's CV in, then #2's CV out to #3's input. Quantizer #1, of course, would be your controller CV. So by multing that controller CV out separately, plus all of the quantizer CV outs separately, then "clocking" the quantizers with a multed trigger from your controller, you'd then have four CVs with canonically-related pitch outputs, and the "canon" would step each time a note on the controller was played.

With MD it's fastidious to enter precise notes for each step. Most of the time I use the shred function or just twist the knob while playing to generate notes progressions on the fly. I prefer to use MD for precise cv control like changing a Zadar shape or a scale on a quantizer. It's also possible to create logic gates....

Thanks for the replies!

I think the varigate 4+ might be a better choice for my needs, the Qu-Bit Octone looks great too and I'll check it out, thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Exposure,

If you don't mind menu driven modules, Varigate 4+ (or 8+) might be your module. If possible, I strongly recommend you to have this module tested at your local dealer before buying it.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

The Mimetic has four sequencers in it. The outputs are not quantized. So a quad quantizer might be useful if you really want to use it for four pitched sequences. I'd really download the manual and understand what you will need to trigger the Mimetic and its range of functionality. It'll save you some heartache if it doesn't suit your needs; especially if you're using the Mimetic to send gates. (page one of the manual has most of the useful info). Download the manual.

Plaits doesn't have a quantizer built in. But if you use it with a Braids module... the Braids does. You have a Plaits. But a Braids might be better if the sounds work for you. Here's a link.