Hello, I've recently taken the dive into modular with the Cre8Audio nifty bundle which helped eliminate the need for a few modules. I'm planning on doing some crystal castles-esque music, and this is the direction I've taken with the rack.

Looking for opinions before I start buying lots of modules and get addicted to the eurocrack. There's 3 different filters just for the variety of tones I want to be able to reliably create and I feel that each will bring something unique to the table.

As of right now, I only have the Contour (Being shipped), Chips, and Cellz. What would you do differently, or where would you go from here? If it looks fine then just ignore my newbie self.

Filters aren't the only way to affect timbre, and you could probably get more mileage with just that JP-6 filter (having an actual Jupiter-6 for the past 30 years lets me be pretty confident with that statement) and some type of CVable waveshaper, such as Tiptop's Fold Processor. That would give you the same timbral flexibility as the distorter in the Dystopia...and then some! But as for having three VCFs in that small a build...well, that just makes no sense. You don't have the luxury of massive panel space. The ideas here are on the right track, but you need to keep your space constraints in mind in this small a cab.

Thanks, Lugia. I'll take a look into that one, the main reason I have the dystopia on here is that I'm in love with how it absolutely destroys a sound. So if I can get that and some extra, then I'm absolutely all about checking it out.

The JP6-VCF is absolutely insane and was a must have for this since I first heard it, and it immediately turned into a must have. I'll do some rejigging on this then, thanks for the advice!