I know, "you can never have to many vcas" but if I incorporate a mixer into my build, do I /also/ need a separate VCA?
Doesn't the mixer act /as/ a VCA?

Just trying to shave down the cost here.

Hi Winterlight !

Hard to say, depends on your build I guess. VCA's and mixers are not exactly the same thing, although I have used my quad VCA module as a mixer more than once. Rather than reiterating, I'm linking here to a couple of threads seen elsewhere on the subject:


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If you're short on space, I can recommend the Happy Nerding 3x VCA as a great mixer/VCA combo. Also take a look at the Make Noise modules like Optomix, Dynamix or ModDemix.

There are mixers. There are VCAs. There are devices that blur the lines between the two.

With both mixers and VCAs, they can work with DC coupled signal (control voltages), audio rate (audio), or both. So it's best to know these specs before you buy something.

VCAs can respond in a linear fashion to control voltage, exponential, or both. It's best to know this before buying one of those.

If you buy a module with a set of VCAs, they will often be normaled to work as a simple mixer. The Intellijel quad VCA works in this fashion.

Some mixers also include a VCAs in each channel. It depends on the mixer: Happy Nerding, Befaco, and others have products that do this.

SIMPLE mixers are usually cheaper than VCAs. So if you just need to mix levels with no external control over the levels, go with a mixer. If you need control over levels, then VCAs are the tool.

Complicated mixers with panning, effects sends, even EQ, are a lot more expensive than VCAs.

Just remember you can mix more than audio with most Eurorack mixers and VCAs. Just be sure to read the manual before you buy. Never assume.

got the WMD Performance mixer and I sometimes also put a gate in the level input without a curve, it can sound sometimes a bit plucky but also works depending on what kind of situation and what you like to achieve.
I like the WMD PM especially cause of it two send return and the amount of channels.

Much thanks for all the thoughtful replies. Helped clear things up a lot!