I'd like to second the Plonk, Planar 2, Rainmaker and ZDSP2. I'd like to add IME Hertz Donut Mk3 and Double Andore Mk2.

Xaoc- Zadar
Intellijel- Outs

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Added, thank you.
Unfortunately Zadar is not doable. The backside requires milling which I am unable to do.

Klavis Twin Waves please!

Intellijel umidi 3U

ER-301 and Steppy 1U would be ace!

Bastl noise square and bastl skis

asynchronicity happens

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ER-301 and Steppy 1U would be ace!
-- HiddenPath

Thank you, these are both already on the list of requests.

Alright Devices Zzzorb in Black and Gold would be lovely

Audio Damage Eos would be a treat... kinda rare though I know...

+1 for klavis twin waves and a woggle bug V1 would be nice also

Make Noise Mysteron & MMG

The work on the existing 1U Intellijel pantels is awesome. It will be great to see more 1Us like Radio Music by Music Thing Modular, 1U Steppy, as well was some 3U modules that can be flipped to 1U

I would also like to highly request that the
“ Intellijel Planar 2” be added to your Black and Gold panels please.

Additionally I would also really like to see the “ Dave Jones Design O'Tool Plus Oscilloscope” be added to your Black and Gold panels please.

I have questions:
1) Is there anyway to tell when a module that has been requested becomes available, like maybe an email notification?

2) What is the cost of these Black and Gold faceplates?

3) How do we order one once it is available?

4) Also I’m wondering is this request page still alive? When I look at it without being logged in I see others request but not mine.
The only time I see mine is when I’m logged in.

Best Regards,

James B

I’d love to see the Intellijel 1U modules I/O 1/4 Jack that goes with the I/O 1U and the 1U MIDI Jacks that goes with the uMIDI 1U. A black Atlantis would be awesome too! Also, I would like to have a Five12 Vector Sequencer with its expander in black! Please please please!!! Thanx!

Intellijel Outs

I would like to suggest one more module.
Befaco PowSkiff


James B

Just reveived a mail that bkm panels closed the business.

It’s such a shame. I was really looking forward to purchasing a few of his panels.
Apparently he received some complaints that must have ruined it for the rest of us. They must have taken the fun out of it for him.

I sent a message to him asking him to reconsider and not to let a few bad apples spoil it for the rest of us but haven’t heard back. Judging by the pictures he was making a very nice looking product.

I hope he will reconsider and continue making them. But if it’s not fun for him anymore do understand.


James B