I'd like to second the Plonk, Planar 2, Rainmaker and ZDSP2. I'd like to add IME Hertz Donut Mk3 and Double Andore Mk2.

Xaoc- Zadar
Intellijel- Outs

Added, thank you.
Unfortunately Zadar is not doable. The backside requires milling which I am unable to do.

Klavis Twin Waves please!

Intellijel umidi 3U

ER-301 and Steppy 1U would be ace!

Bastl noise square and bastl skis

asynchronicity happens

ER-301 and Steppy 1U would be ace!
-- HiddenPath

Thank you, these are both already on the list of requests.

Alright Devices Zzzorb in Black and Gold would be lovely