So this would be my first eurorack setup.

I'm trying to do noise, breakbeat, DnB and jungle stuff.

This is a pretty common setup from what I've seen, but it seems very powerful

ModularGrid Rack

Any opinions on this, it's use, or what people people think of these modules in tandem would be great. I also need to get them in person and even get used to using them, obviously. So any help would be appreciated.


If this is your first set-up, I would think about getting a 1010 Music BlackBox or the new Akai MPC One.

The BlackBox has clock in and out, while the MPC One has four gates and four CV outs (I believe they use stereo 3.5mm breakouts).

You're spending a ton of money for the same or lesser functionality in order to place it into the Eurorack environment when a standalone device would serve you just as well and still interface into a Eurorack environment down the road.