I’m new to EuroRack, I really like Erica Synths sounds so I picked a lot of their stuff. My main question for the pros out there, is this a solid rig? Am I missing anything? I plan on putting this in a Doepfer Case the A-100 (168u x 3 rows). Drones on the top, drums and bass lower right and moog for melodies. I’m into DooM style evil computer type of stuff. I’ll probably name it the Doom Machine lol. If anyone got advice that be great, I would start off with the Mother 32 obviously if I decide to do this. I really want to do this but I know this is gonna be years before it’s done.


Once you acquire knowledge of the dark arts, you'll look back at this build and laugh. It looks nice. But there's no reason to build a system based on one manufacturer. Once you've developed a taste, you'll select modules that YOU like regardless of who makes it.

Start off small and functional. A semi-modular synth like the Mother 32 isn't a bad choice. Then add a skiff or a small case to it with some modules that compliment the Mother 32. You may even eventually outgrow the Mother 32 and that's fine. Just remember you'll be learning as you go... so don't go hog wild at first.

You won't get any serious comments on this build since it's basically module porn.

Agreed on the "module porn"...this has a long way to go before being properly functional. Also, putting a cased/powered synth into yet another case with power is an expensive mistake. If you take the cost of the Doepfer 3 x 168 ($1218 at Sweetwater currently), each hp space costs about $2.40...meaning that your 60 hp M32 costs an extra $145-ish to house in the Doepfer cab. Now, the current street price for the M32 is $649...which, once you add it up, means you'd be paying $794 en toto for it. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me...

Ronin is also quite spot-on on the size of this thing. True, it's convenient to have about 500 hp to build into, but try to NOT fill it up immediately. Fill one row, maybe two, but leave the third (or such) open for expansion, because as you start to work with a "reduced" version of this, you WILL get new/different ideas that need that space. And try and up your functionality per space; for instance, the Erica Black VCA v.2 is 10 hp wide, with one VCA. But if you can move up to a 12 hp space, then you can put in an Intellijel Quad VCA...and four VCAs are MUCH better than one! Especially with a mixer as part of the module. Another example: three buffered mults, but only two VCOs. You really only need one of those, and then only when you're trying to drive more than four (ish) modules with the same CV. Jettison those, and you get back 12 hp. And so on...

I'd suggest stepping back for a hot minute, taking a few deep breaths, and collecting your wits before getting DEEP into some study of similar builds by experienced synthesists on here. You'll know which ones I mean, as they tend to have less in the way of "sexy" modules and a bunch of things that seem boring and pointless (but which aren't!) like attenuators, VCAs, basic mixers, etc. In other words, they're INSTRUMENTS...not light shows. If you're going to drop a wad on something like the above, it's best to know how to drop that wad effectively.