This one didn't turn out too bad...

"Yeah its a still photo again with a piece of audio behind it! Its all the things in the photo that are making the sounds, Eurorack Synth is all the plinky plonky stuff, then the Roland boutique SH01 is on the sort of noise-wash and the TB03 is firing off (both the boutiques are manually tweaked). Kinda Ambient generative from the Eurorack, as much modulation as my gear will allow, Noise Engineering Clep Diaz playing a blinder in LFO mode, going through 2hp Tune, 2hp Pluck and Bell, Disting on Stereo Tape Delay is a bit nice, Erica PICO DSP and 2hp Verb are the other effects, using the Mutable instruments Veils as a slightly modulated mixer with some slight effects feedback loops. Things brought in and out with the Befaco STmix. Pretty happy with this for a few mins of noodling, time to pull all the plugs ;-) Let me know what you think."

Next purchase is going to be a Monsoon Clouds, then just maybe a Instruo/DivKid Ochd, though almost definitely another source of modulation.

Hey Wishbonebrewery,

Yeah, finally a new track from you ;-) As good as ever, I like that plinky-plonky stuff all right. Don't worry about that still photo, I like it, while listening at your music I have nice sweet time to look at your gear so I don't mind the fact you don't have a video. At the end it's about the music!

And music it is! I am still amazed how you come to these kind of results with relatively less modules. Nice job and I look forward in hearing your next track :-D

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thats waaay too kind, but thanks :) At the moment I'm finding getting Stereo audio into the iPhone in a loud enough state harder than it should be. I can get mono in via an iRig 2 adapter that is meant for a Guitar, but as far as i can tell it always comes out as Mono cos of the standard 1/4" Guitar jack socket. I never seem to get a loud-enough recording direct from my mixer without the iRig's pre-amp. I dare say I just need to learn more!

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

You are taking a direct output from Eurorack into your iPhone? If yes, then indeed that will be far too loud, ha, ha, Eurorack audio signals are at a much higher audio voltage level than normal audio lines. So get yourself a good audio interface module (for example the one from Intellijel) and that should solve your problem.

Keep up the good music but don't blow up your iPhone ;-) and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Removed typo.

Ah, no, I'm not coming our of the modular direct, into a Yamaha MG8 mixer first. I need to experiment more, the audio I manage to record into the iphone is too quiet if plugging direct, it only gets loud enough via the iRig 2 adapter but then its just Mono.