Hi Gridpeople,

im not new to synthesis but im new to modular. I have built a nice setup and a little space left. I wanted to ask if you can give an opinion about it and if I missed something really important. If so, feel free to recommend whatever you think.
Also i would love to hear if there is something you would have done differently. Maybe reorder modules for better ergonomics, switch something to have better sound, add VCA`s... whatever. Hit me with your wisdom!

At the moment I am using the rack for live/studio techno, ambient, noisy stuff. I also have some external gear: Octatrack, TR-8s, Dfam, System 1m a Lyra and a MS20+SQ1.

Thanks in advance!

ModularGrid Rack

"What's missing?"

Noise source.
Sample & Hold (optional)
Dedicated LFOs?
Dedicated ADSRs?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Could you be more specific?
my questions:
Noise - Why not the noise of MS20 and Dfam?
Sample & Hold (optional) - Yeah thought about that, is the Doepfer 118-2, 148, 184 a good option?
Dedicated LFOs? - Whats wrong with the Pam´s LFO´s?
Dedicated ADSRs? - I prefer using ad. So maybe in a future rack but for now im ok with quadra. Or is there a specific reason like something that is not possible or complicated or... ?
VCAs? - How many would you add?

Thanks a lot for your input.