Hi there,

thank you for helping me out.
I am new to modular and am planning to buy my first rack for live performance.
I wish to have the ability to create sequences with midi keyboard (Hermod), or randomly generated phrases with "70's dark analogue tone" (that's how I describe it, but it's basically Juno-60 kind of sound)(Roland 512), also being able to make ambient pads (Noise by Bastl). Is there anything that is better for my purposes?
From the posts I've read, I know it's good to leave some room for later expansions so I didn't fill the space, and it might be a good idea to fill it with your suggestions.
The only problem is that because of where I live, it's kinda hard to get less popular modules so I am just gonna stick to the popular ones I guess, but feel free to recommend me the best options in your mind.

Is this something ready to go? Or am I missing somethin' important or fun for live performance?
Thanks again for your help.
ModularGrid Rack