VCAs...? Attenuators? Submixing for mod/CV signals? Sample and Hold? Clock modulators? Uhmmmm...OSCILLATORS??

OK, no. What you have here isn't a modular synth, but a prime example of "Sexy Module Syndrome". You have the snazzy stuff, but the synth is missing critical parts that are what makes it work. And yes, they're boring and all...but so are tires; try driving your car without them. But the upshot is that this is nowhere near complete. Your best option here is to delete this and start over altogether to avoid repeating something like this. Try and work in "blocks"...the "voicing", the "filtering" etc, and make sure those blocks have all of their necessary modules before going on to the next.

Also, given what it sounds like you're trying to do here, I think you're going to have a lot of trouble trying to cram that amount of functions into 2 x 104 + 1U. You are probably looking at something bigger for the real solution.

Thank you for your constructive criticism.