I’m new to modular, but not to synths.
Now i wish to accomplish something that’s not possible with my desktop instruments. Generative ambient music (like everybody else :-)
I have not bought anything yet so feel free to criticize my plans in a brutal way ;-)
I have read a lot of comments here at MG and hope I have got a basic understanding of what I need for generative patching but I know I have a lot more to learn.
Which of my suggested modules can I skip and which modules that I do not have in my rack is essential for generative patching.
ModularGrid Rack

It's not bad, but I'd suggest looking into some modules that can "read" CV states and output gates...comparators, discriminators, that sort of thing. Along with that, you'd probably want to expand the Boolean logic capabilities to make better use of those new gate signals...would allow for a lot of "conditional state" behavior within the generative process, adding to the potential complexity. Also, add a few more linear VCAs so that you can better automate the CV/mod level processes.

So far, so good...now, how would you do this in stereo? Spatial activity is also a very useful thing to have going on in generative processes.

Thanks for the advice!
A stereo mixer and some more VCAs will be added.
More logic modules is put on the wish list.
Now I will start to build. But it is hard to decide in what order I shall buy the modules.
I guess I have to start with a simple voice: VCO+VCF+VCA+LFO+EG+mixer and a sequencer or Marbles.