I am in the middle of making an 84hp 6u rack using the Doepfer DIY Kit and Laser Cut Acrylic.

I plan to have a rig that is good for soundscapes/ambient (melodic). I plan to use the OP-Z to send CV and Clock in some cases; it will for now, be a bit of a brain. I (like many) love granular sounds and want to use this along with there stereotypical soft chimes and plucks that many get nowadays.

As a guitarist with some pedals (delay, reverb etc) I would like to be able to utilise these. I have included I/O and Ears to get both audio from the OP-Z (I an run a drum track from that for now - panned left and right into the InAmp, and then around the rack, Ears for other inputs). I wonder if there is a specific send/return module that I should consider to use the pedals?

I have put together the following proposed modules:


ModularGrid Rack

I would welcome criticism, along with any guidance as to 'what to get first' that will be usable with the kit described above. I have included a Marbles clone but had looked at the Chance too - I haven't formed a strong opinion on this yet...

Do I need Maths... everyone has Maths...


EDIT: struggling to understand how to insert a screenshot, sorry!