Marbles and Minibrute 2S sequencer plays an A minor pentatonic scale randomly through Plaits, 2HP Pluck, a flute sampled in Disting MK4 and Minibrutes VCO 1.

Hi Rookie,

You got a nice rack there! :-) I like the relaxing music, makes me cool and calm down after a very busy day!

Kind regards, Garfield. might add something like this: or this: Both could be fun...the first would allow you to offset the timing of whatever was being clocked through it, letting you "slip" the other sequential parts. And the other would allow the sequencer to actually skip a pulse (or three) to let the sequencer fall off of whatever primary beat was underpinning things. Toss a delay line into this for audio strangeness, and you'd have something pretty nifty...and not for a whole lot, given how cheap the Ladik modules are.

Thanks Garfield for a nice comment!
And thank you Lugia for (as always) very interesting tips. I think these kind of modules are the stuff that I need but not are aware of. I will check Ladiks logic manuals and see how they can help me. I know my patches are very basic, but I learn along the way.