ModularGrid Rack
I've just had one of those moments where something feels to click into place with the direction you want to go in Eurorack, this is probably coupled with me reorganising my rack into a second TipTop Happy Ending kit, getting a Make Noise STO and the brilliant little Noise Engineering Bin Seq which is letting me have long gate lengths and slow note changes when clocking the Turing Machine (2hp TM) with the long tied notes from the Bin Seq.

Next steps are toward more modulation, probably an Ochd, so I can leave the Disting on Sample playing duty, though I do like the Clockable LFO on the Disting, the Noise Engineering Clep Diaz does do a nice job of clocked/stepped/LFO.

Its nice that I've managed to creep closer to my aims, thanks to reading the internet and watching Youtube :)

The Disting makes for a good assortment of programs. If you're really loving the clockable LFO, I'd suggest getting an LFO module that supports that.

Check out the Euclidean mode on the Disting. If you're having fun with Turing and the Bin Seq, a Euclidean sequencer might be your cup of tea as well as the Tip Top Trigger Riot.
EDIT: just saw the Euclid 2HP module in the rack... you know this already.

You may also want to check out the Mimetic Digitalis from Noise Engineering. It pairs well with trigger/gate sequencers.

Yep I've got the 2hp Euclid at work too, it just needs a bit of gentle modulation to keep it evolving. I think the first thing I did when I racked up the Bin Seq was drive it from the Euclid, I guess something like the Befaco VC Slew would be nice for sliding between the pitches along with the Bin Seq.
I'm going to say that Mimetic Digitalis is a little out of my price range at the moment though i have been watching a few Ricky Tinez videos with it in.

Cheers :)

The Mimetic is a $260 module. So it's not terribly expensive. But if the funds aren't there... understandable. I watch a lot of Ricky as well. He is great about making a lot of music out of a tiny amount of kit.