Hi guys,

I am building my first eurorack system, primarily focused on playing audio into it for processing and recording it back into daw. What do you think about this build? Anything you would do otherwise? Would you swap/remove or add modules? Much appreciated

ModularGrid Rack

Instead of posting a picture of your rack... post a LINK to it.

What will this external rack do for you that you can't do with your DAW?
How do you plan on effectively modulating your modules? By the looks of things, you'll be dependent on your DAW for pitched sequences.

Answering questions with questions is considered impolite. Do you suggest Adding more modulation or Swapping a module? Let me know what would you change. I am genuinely interested to know. I am breaking away from daw processing for certain things. I do not use it for music creation, rather musical approach to motion picture sound. This is first set of modules for 12u 126hp case. I want to limit myself to properly learn modules that i choose. Thanks for your input.

It's always a good idea to understand that a "modular fx rig" is a modular synthesizer minus it's in rack sound source

I would look at more utility modules - the plumbing - the (relatively inexpensive) dull polish that lets the shiny modules shine brighter - I personally don't count Maths as a utility module - although it can be used as such - because it is so powerful

I always recommend Mutable Instruments Links, Kinks and Veils as a good starter set for this in a relatively small space

Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 would also be a very useful module - as would Ornament and Crime (both are swiss army knife modules)

A matrix mixer and sequential switch may also be useful

Answering questions with questions is considered impolite.
-- vilmycil

You want free advice and you're criticizing the people who are trying to help you. We get your type in here on occasion. They don't last long.

In none of my posts have I criticised anyone, and neither of your replies read like advice... Thanks for your input

Answering questions with questions is a very effective habit here in MG forums.
They force you to think for yourself.
I have got a lot of ”questions” from Ronin and others that have been very helpful to me.

Answering questions with questions is a very effective habit here in MG forums.
They force you to think for yourself.
I have got a lot of ”questions” from Ronin and others that have been very helpful to me.

-- Rookie

Not arguing with the method. I don't think the questions Ronin posted have addressed my questions. And no need to pigeonhole me as a type either, I haven't said anything inappropriate and I've been a member of mg for a long time.

Here's some progress: ModularGrid Rack

Answering questions with questions is considered impolite.
-- vilmycil

Diatribe over dialogue, hm? I ain't touching this with a 10-foot pole...

I am seriously confused with you all. How is this a dialogue from your side? I asked very simple few questions and response was questions about something I did not ask. Thus far big thanks to Jim for his opinion. I’m saddened that the rest of you chose to see something that wasn’t there.

I'm glad you appreciated my response, but really everyone else has been trying to help you too!

so don't be confused or unhappy - relax and enjoy people trying to help you - even if you have to answer a question or 2 along the way!!!

it's quite a common thing to ask questions in reply to questions, when you think the question is too broad and needs to be more focused more to give a good reply - the more information the better - "this is exactly what I have now", "this is what I want to do" , "this is the genre(s) of music I am interested in" and "this is why I want to use a modular effects rack over vsts" are all really useful bits of pertinent information for focusing a reply

I can see why you might take exception to - what are you intending to use for modulation?, but really it's just the same as you need some modulation, think about it and come back - this is the internet - it's never (fingers-crossed) going to be the most polite place in the world - but it can be one of the most efficient (and for that matter one of the least efficient) ways of getting information there is

tbh - the first line of my reply is actually meant to do a similar thing - make you think - is this really for me? in that a lot of people think that building a cool modular effects rack will be a cheaper way into modular synthesis - when really it's not - or that it's a way to get great effects - which maybe it is, but only if you understand the fundamentals of modular synthesis and realise that if you take out the instrument interface and replace it with a vco - you have a modular synthesizer

the rest of the reply I gave was pretty much the reply I always give - because mostly that's what's missing from generic starter racks - utility and modulation - and those are good modules that I have had since I started and that I use constantly 3 years later - and I spent at least 18 months - 2 years researching before I bought a single module

but it only gives you what and not why - answering the questions is a better route to gaining that knowledge - or replying to my response asking why you need modulation and utilities, for example, rather than just blindly buying whatever modules someone on the internet says you should!!!