Hi folks,
i am new in the modular game.
Looking for a small harsh noise bastard.
Is this gonna work? Any other ideas for sequencing?

Thanks a lot.

ModularGrid Rack

I'd want modulation and utilities - you may not think you want them now - but you probably will find you need them down the line - maybe go and do some research! this is where modular shines in my opinion

On top of that I would look at the size of the case and abandon it if you have not already bought it - get a bigger one - TipTop Mantis is generally best bang for buck, but the large behringer may change that when it appears - if portability is a factor, then the mantis is probably better - the new case looks significantly better than the original

However, saying that, what you have already selected looks like it would generate some harsh noise, to me

Thanks, Jim!

Actually i want a noise monster in a small case with only a few modules to destroy ;-)
I need harsh industrial beats with a lot of noise. I used to play in a Noiseband but i want to take it to the next step.
As i said, i am new to modular, but would this set up work or do i need other modules? Maybe one more filter?

I understand

As I said it will make noise - which is what you want

I would check the depth of the 2hp mixer it may be too deep for the case (allow a bit for the power ribbon)

tbh I'd probably want this: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/bastl-instruments-waver instead of the 2hp mixer - which I think would leave you with 2 hp free still - maybe a multiple

And then I'd just play and see what else I needed down the line, if anything

BUT just reviewing I noticed you asked if you should add another filter - and to be honest I don't see one

I see a clock module, a rhythm generator, a percussion voice, a noise voice (I'm guessing that you are seeing this as a filter) and a mixer

I quickly read through the specs of the shard on modulargrid and it's mostly a highly modulatable vco and recommends running it through both a resonant filter and clouds, but it can be used to process sound

So I would also look to replace both the clock and the numeric repetitor with Pam's New Workout - which will give you a clock and 8 channels of triggers/envelopes (so modulation as well as percussive triggers)

This would free up a further 6hp for a filter - if you can squeeze the 2hp LPF into the case (see point above) you would then be able to cram in a happy nerding fxAid - which will give you access to about 100 effects - some of which I am sure will work well with what you are going for - possibly including granular processing

yeah, that is what i was hoping for, thanks Jim. This forum is awesome.
The bastl instruments -mixer sounds great! Didn´t know about that
I will also check out the Pam, it looks as if you can go really deep on this one....ohhhh

If you decide to go for a bigger case in the future - then also take a look at the schlappi engineering modules - I think you will like them

I'll second a look at the Schlappi stuff...they've put out a line of truly ill-behaved, nasty modules that specialize in spectacular sonic wreckage. Another couple that might be worth your attention: Moffenzeef and Noise Reap.

Seriously...go BIGGER. I know the idea of some little box that obliterates hearing is sort of a harsh noise scene "thing," but if you take this on up into a more typical case size, then you can start to assemble something of a harsh noise "ensemble" under your direct control. In "I Dream of Wires" (probably the long edition) there's an incredible extended bit of Keith Fullerton Whitman doing a Eurorack set using only a pink-noise generator as the initial source and a LOT of parallel processing chains to screw with it. Definitely worth a look...

Jim, i just ordered the modules with the Bastl and a bigger case ;-)
Thanks, Bro!

Cool man - have fun - which case did you order?

Thanks! And thanks Lugia for the tips! I‘ve heard of Moffenzeef, awesome stuff.
I ordered this case
and you are probably right, that it soon will be too small. Argh, we will see. Gotta start somewhere.

Yeah - you do indeed have to start somewhere

you know I think those cases (anything under 6u /84hp to be honest) should come with a warning - "buyer beware not suitable for a starter case, unless you want to buy another one in a few months" - imo great for a dedicated and focused single purpose once you know what you are doing - ie to house a few controllers or a mixer or whatever

but anyway good luck and once again enjoy

I second all of the advice given above. I'm pretty new to this too, but the guidance to plan for another/bigger case and add some utilities and modulation sources has been invaluable to my experience. I've got the X1L3 Shard and a Schlappi Engineering Interstellar Radio, and the possibilities become so much greater with a system expanded with basic plumbing and modulation. For a case this small, you might find some use for a Pique (micro Mutable Instruments Peaks clone), which offers two LFOs, envelope generators, drum sounds, randomness, etc. in 4hp.
Have fun and good luck!

yes, i´m getting the point about a bigger case, i changed the case
for a Doepfer A-100LC3 which is a little bigger.
But i really don´t want to get too much stuff at the beginning.
But again, thanks guys for all your modules-tips and help.

And what about a Maths for modulation/ utility? Thats what i often read.
Or is a small Peaks-clone enough for the start? Thanks

ModularGrid Rack

Maths is very valuable for all kinds of different modulation. I've got one and have barely scratched the surface. I would recommend downloading the manual/patchbook and looking through it to decide if it is what you need. There's also a great video on YouTube by Loopop called "22 Reasons the #1 Eurorack Module is Maths." With that being said, it is a large module (20hp) which would take up most of the space in your case. As a beginner, I've also found it a little unintuitive and not immediately gratifying in my experience. You have to put in a little work into understanding what it is doing to get creative and get the most out of it. If you decide to expand to a large case, Maths would ultimately be very useful for you due to its functionality.
I just picked up a Pique from After Later Audio. It ships with the "Dead Man's Catch" firmware installed which adds a bunch of different modes to the original firmware. All sorts of different LFO, envelopes, drum sounds, and even a mini Turing Machine and sequencer. Again, take a look through the "Dead Man's Catch" manual (https://github.com/timchurches/Mutated-Mutables/releases/tag/DMC-v0.7-beta) to decide if it's right for you. In a small case, I would probably find a use for Pique and a small mult in every patch. It doesn't have a bunch of patch points to "modulate your modulation," but it does a lot right out of the box and could probably help you decide what you may want to invest in next.
Hope this helps!

Good advise, thanks. I will start using a Peaks-Clone not Maths. I have to be careful and not start using too many complex modules.

Here's my take on the system based around one Manis Iteritas.

An output module might be a good choice... but I'm assuming you'll take care of that outside of the rack.
I thought about sneaking in a logic module or some noise. Maybe an attenuverter.
But you can't have everything in 80HP

Some highlights:
A MIDI interface in case you want to use this with your DAW.
Effects via the Pico DSP and possibly the Disting Mk4
A dual VCA.. because you need them.
A Temps Utile and Ornaments & Crime. That will give you a ton of useful features and internal sequencing.
A master clock
Dedicated distortion... because if it isn't distorting, you're doing something wrong.
A Disting... so you won't get bored trying new things.
A second mixer because you might want to mix some CV or use the mixer as an attenuator.

Find Ricky Tinez on Youtube and follow him. He's great with small skiffs. But a word of caution, small skiffs are much HARDER to plan than larger systems. Space is critical, the size of modules can lead to cramped spaces to get your fingers into once everything is patched up. You might want to use longer patch cables to they lie flat or flatter and get out of your way.

ModularGrid Rack

Yes Ricky´s channel is great, you learn so much.
I know that i will need more stuff like VCA and filter in the future.
But right now, i want to start and learn. It is also a budget-question ;-)
I am curious of what i can get out of this system.
But thanks Ronin for that input, i will definitly check out your suggestions.

Right now i ordered:
Case, horologic solum, numeric repetitor, basimilus iteritas, shard and the waver-mixer.
I try the output via my external Mixer, if that doesn´t work i will get an output-module.
But in the future i want that noisish-harsh sound with a pounding bassdrum.
Do you think, i can work with those other modules, you suggested in order to use
Erica Synth bass drum and the basimilus as drum and the Shard as the noise-factor?

here is an update:
ModularGrid Rack

Thanks, guys

I see sources for triggers. Where will you be getting pitch information? How will you generate meaningful, musical patterns? If you can explain that to me, you'll be fine. If you can't, you might be in trouble.

i am not trying to generate MEANINGFUL musical patterns

I want to make Noise-stuff...
I am not sure about everything, that is why i´m in this forum
and that is why i need help from you guys. Now, i am in trouble, right?! ;-)

You will be able to make some harsh noise with the Shard and Basimilus Iteritas Alter. The Malekko Varigate 4+ could be a consideration for you instead of the Mimetic Digitalis for a pitch and gate sequencer. Maybe look into that?
I haven't tried to feed a line input (for samples/external gear) into my Shard yet, but it destroys every other source I have put through it. A distortion would probably be a good addition, or a small guitar pedal i/o if you have some gnarly distortion/reverb/delay pedals that you want to incorporate.
I'm thinking in terms of Merzbow, MSBR, Vomir and that kind of stuff if that's the direction you are hoping to go.

Also, I think that Erica Synths Bass Drum module may be overkill for your current purposes. To me, it's pretty big and has a small range of utility. If you pick up that Pique, it already has an 808 kick drum simulation in one of the modes and FM drums in another mode if you have the DMC firmware installed.

Thanks, that helped a lot. The Varigate 4+ sounds intersting.
There is a lot to learn

Well, with the set-up I saw yesterday. There's not a way to adjust pitch in a controlled manner. I know you're not looking for something "musical". But if you can't modulate a sustained pitch, you're still going to be limited from a sonic standpoint. You could modulate pitch with envelopes... but then your pitch will change in accordance with the envelope.

The varigate 4+ offers pitch from what I understand. So that might be a good option if you're interested.

Hey Ronin, i get the point. For me i have to try out in the real world to learn all the shit. The Varigate 4+ may an option in the future. Do you have another module-suggestion for the current set up? Sorry, as i said i am new to the game. Thanks