In the middle of a redesign, here are three things I missed. Maybe there are other users who feel the same need, so here are some ideas for future versions of MG.

  • Grouping Modules:
    Select multiple modules and add them to a group, much like you can do that in graphics programs.
    Reason: It seems many people arrange their modules in groups, either functional by type or building complete voices as macros etc. If playing around with hardware layouts for usability options, it´s painful to move each and every module on it´s own. Repetitive, likely to accidentally swap with some other module that you wanted to stay where it is. The less hp the worse. So grouping things would allow to move things in a single motion, much faster, more reliable.

  • Power Groups:
    Currently we get total power consumption, split per row. On very broad systems, you may want to have two PSUs in a single row. Or just want to know how much power a voice block consumes, in case I want to move all of it´s modules to a separate place. By defining power groups and selecting which modules are members, power calculation can be much more flexible.

  • Combo Racks
    Basically "groups of groups".
    Think of two cases sitting next to each other. If you build a single rack in MG that covers the whole width, the power calculation is broken. If you build two separate racks, it´s hard to see the overall layout. Doesn´t get easier with 4 cases. An arrangement view that allows moving complete racks would be much appreciated. I currently use images and arrange them in external software. Would love to do that within MG.
    Ideally, this would come as a tree structure, where you can build smaller racks (easier to navigate at normal zoom) and then combine them to a bigger picture. If you change something in one place, it should be updated in the other location(s) as well, so changes can be done on all levels.

I would love a combo rack feature. I have an 6U 104 HP case and a 9U 84HP case. I would love to look at them both together and configure.

yes yes please. have two racks and also want to see/try move to one bigger. sure can create and add 1 by 1 modules...:)