I have just purchased all the gear in this rack but in reality it is made up of two separate units...

ModularGrid Rack

Unit One - Arturia Minibrute 2 + a 6U Rackbrute which contains ALL the modules in the TOP TWO Rows.
Also provides me with a controller keyboard and the additional 48 Patch points on the Minibrute!

Unit Two - Doepfer A-100 LC6 6U Case which contains ALL the modules in the BOTTOM TWO Rows.

A few items from Gear4Music but mostly from Matttech Modular (Many thanks to Matt for taking a LOT of time to assist me and answer my many pointless questions!)

I am a total "noob" and this is my first real foray into the world of Modular...I have a stack of Hardware synths (Korg Oasys-88, Korg Kronos, Korg Triton, Waldorf Quantum, Moog One) in my studio but decided that if I am going to practice "Social Distancing" because of the Covid-19 virus, then I may as well learn something new, interesting and useful!

Still a few spaces to fill...suggestions are always welcome!!!


Ivan Flack
(Cookstown, N. Ireland)

OK...there's a pretty critical mistake in this build. And to examine it, let's look at the ACTUAL costs for the Neutron and Pico III in this particular configuration...figures in USD, but the point should be obvious...

To house the Neutron at 70 hp in a case where each 1 hp space retails at about $2.25 will cost you around $156 ADDED to the price of the Neutron. And the Pico III, while it does come in a Eurorack version, probably makes more sense as its standalone version given the tight panel space and the Buchla Easel-type cardslot...but if this was that version, it would cost an extra $98 to rehouse and repower it. And all of this is because these synths (unless the Erica is the Euro module version) already have cases and power, ergo you're doing this TWICE...and paying for it twice, too! It might be convenient, it might be space-efficient...but there IS that hidden cost in there if you decide on that course of action.