Building up my first Eurorack Synth so far and Iam just struggeling if something important, I havent think of yet, is missing. Want to do some Drone and Ambient Stuff with this Modular. Thanks for your help, tipps and suggestions :-)

ModularGrid Rack

Hi Asmodis. I'm not too familiar with the Cells module, but if I remember correctly it's a sequencer that comes with the Nifty Case, right? I don't know if you have any other external gear for sequencing, but you may want to look into something that gives you a little more precise control over pitch/triggers/gates/etc. I know random works pretty well in generative ambient and drone stuff, but at some point you will probably want to impose some order and structure.
And, as far as random goes, the Wogglebug and Marbles do some similar things. Do you need both, or could that space be better utilized with something else (maybe a filter)? Just a few things to consider.
Have fun and good luck!

Hi Farkas, thanks for ur reply. Cellz and Chipz are from the Nifty Bundy from which I startet. Going to change those modules anyway. Still have a Octatrack and a Arturia Keyboard for Pitch and Gate
Whobblebug does really the same as marbles?

Not exactly the same thing, but they cover similar territory with random voltages. Marbles looks to be more fully featured and controllable than Wogglebug.

I use Marbles for Gate and V/Oct to make some dizzy melodies. Wogglebug modulates the CV´s of some other Modules. Tempi is the Main Clock. Sometimes, Iam so surprised of what gets out the speakers, and it´s so much fun, and then, from one second to the other, it´s complete chaos :D :D

I'd just fill the rest of the case with utilities - kinks and a small matrix mixer, or kinks, disting mk4 and a filter - possibly one that can be used as an lpg too

out of interest I use Marbles as my master clock, what do you find are the advantages of using tempi instead?

For me, it is simply the better control over the Tempo and a few more outs ☺️