I'm completely new to eurorack and I'd like to build a drummachine + bassline that I can uses in tandem with my analog synth.
For the case I decided to stick to a smaller format for now and I kinda like the idea of the Intellijel 4u Palette case.

Is the Frames module here overkill? Should I replace it with different modules like mixers/effects?

Don't do this. You're talking about a build that's coming in at around $3k with the Palette, where if the objective is a drum machine and bass synth, you can get new, prebuilt stuff from several different firms for a fraction of this. And if the functionality seems limited, just go out and buy more drum machines/bass synths...don't worry, you won't be getting CLOSE to that $3k unless you either go premium-grade or acquire a truckload of those devices.

Seriously. I'm looking at a Reverb listing right now for a minty-looking ORIGINAL Roland TR-909 that's priced at about the same amount as this build would cost. Nothing above will sound remotely close. Or...there's an Elka Drummer One for $2300. That's the original Kraftwerk machine, the one that was discombobulated by them to make up Wolfgang Flur's drumkit after it was used as-is for their second album and "Ralf und Florian". Again, nothing above blahblah...

And for the second time this afternoon, I find myself writing these words: modular is NOT a panacea. It makes sense in some situations, but trying to 1:1 replace existing devices for their basic functions with modular gear is either a fool's errand or one weird-as-hell flex.

I agree with Lugia, but something like this would be fun.


Thanks for the feedback, both of you. So I'm gonna rethink this setup and just GAS a bit over modules.

PS Bloom looks like an amazing fun module thanks for that!

I do really like Bloom, but some people have experienced issues so take a look at forums before making the leap. There is a huge selection of sequencers so a different one may be a better fit for you.

The consensus to everybody getting into modular is that you should expect your system to be a lot bigger than you originally intended. Get a bigger case than you think you need. Start with just a few modules... Learn them... THEN you'll know what could be added to make the music/noise you want. Plan to add a module or two a month. Good luck.

Check out Ricky Tines on YouTube. He's got some very inspiring Palette systems.

I like noodling with these small systems so I came up with another one that would be fun for me: