every time I try to play my tempi in time to a metronome the tempi loses time relative to the metronome. can someone tell me what I can do to correct this?

thank you

Can you explain the patch itself? I'm suspecting you're sending the wrong sort of signal as a clock here, since you're saying "metronome".

just oscillator->monsoon (clones)->with the tempi triggering the monsoon. Independently had a metronome going that didn’t line up with the clock the tempi was generating.

what is the deal?

OK...so the metronome itself ISN'T part of the patch, correct? If so, have you considered that one (or both) of these devices might be a bit out of calibration? That sort of drift would tend to indicate that the clock for the Tempi AND the metronome are all behaving properly, they just don't have the same exact timing reference, so that when each says "120 BPM", the metronome might well BE exactly on 120, but the Tempi could have a TEENSY miscalibration so that when it shows 120, it's really outputting something like 119.89923 BPM. Electronic metronomes tend to use a quartz reference oscillator, while the Tempi uses a software-based clocking algorithm, and just like its been since the dawn of timing signals in synths, if you have two clocks that AREN'T locked to the same timing reference, this tends to be what happens.

you’re 100% correct regarding the clock.

just gonna use Pamela’s New workout whose clock seems truer to metronomic form. I’ve also been clocking from an Elektron drum machine to a mutant brain module via midi cable- that’s a pain in the ass!

Thanks for the replies!

Metronomic form? A metronome is just a loudly-ticking clock with a variable speed. The problem isn't that at all...the problem here arises from using one timing device that has ONE internal standard (the metronome) vs. one which has a totally DIFFERENT one (Tempi, Pam's et al). Each device will think it's "right". Until/unless you opt for a single source as THE clock, and everything else has to use IT as a timing standard, this problem will reoccur.

Here's what's going on here, in a more traditional view...you have an orchestra with two conductors. They both know the score they're conducting in exactly the same way, but one of them is deriving the tempo from a clicktrack via headphones, and the other is relying on his internal timing senses, and the poor bastards in the orchestra aren't given any indication of which one is right. Different method, same mess.