Plaits and 2hp Pluck plays the chord sequence Am Dm Bdim and Em. Minibrute VCO1 and a Disting sampled flute plays an A minor pentatonic scale randomly.

Hi Rookie,

Again, after a hard day work, then listening at your music, this track, fantastic! I couldn't wish for more, other than one more of your tracks ;-)

I still love the view of your rack, it's a nice combination!

Kind regards and I look forward for your next track, Garfield.

Thank you very much for your remarks!
They make me very happy and you have such a kind attitude in all your posts in MG:s forums.

Hi Rookie,

Thank you :-) I try to help here and there if I can, and in the hope that when I have a question in the future, there will be persons willing to help me out too :-)

Keep up the nice music-work, happy Easter and kind regards, Garfield.