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Hi Hedgemunkees,

Nice album you got yourself there! :-) I specifically like those longer tracks with the topper being "Pacs (Main Mix)", it goes on and on and it just can't go on long enough for me :-)

What are you using for the drums? Everything else by modular? Also those voices in track "Head Related Transfer Disorder"?

Thanks a lot for sharing and I look forward in more exciting music from you! Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi GM and thanks for your support.
Drums are from Noise Engineering BIA and 2HP, Erica sample drum & Tip tip audio one.
The album was written on our modular rig and recorded/mastered onto 1/4” tape
Head related transfer disorder is mainly done using Noise engineering BIA.
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Keep it reel!

HI Hedgemunkees,

Thanks a lot for the additional information. It's interesting to see how one comes to certain sounds and realisations!

Kind regards, Garfield.