Iam just starting with modular synths - but I had a nice experience with synths. About six years I was working on a lots of synths and DAW. In this moment I have a Yamaha reface DX, Microkorg and Electribe sampler 2. Everything controlled by midi from my DAW by Focusrite 18i8.
In this moment I bought a 104hp case and power supply by Doepfer to soldering.
For get practice in soldering I bought DIY multiple as well (to check how skill I have in that’s works).
I thing to build something like this:
Waldorf NW1
Doepfer WASP filter A 124
Doepfer VCA 130
Behringer Envelope 911
Equinox LFO

It’s a good idea for start?
Iam struggle with a decision about VCO, to maybe choose a analog Doepfer , but Waldorf looks very powerful and has a MIDI connections.
Cheers for advice!