we have unleashed GERMZ>

Hi Hedgemunkees,

Wow! You can produce new albums faster than I can listen at them ;-)

I like the Cabrakan Tri track as a kind of light breeze before you get really serious with Haplkern Chetire, that's a nice track all right! And continuing listening at your album...

By the way, any chance that you are using the Deluge from Synthstrom Audible? If yes, would you mind to share your experiences with it (pros/cons, etc.)? On one hand I feel it's an interesting device but there is no dealer in Europe that imports it, so no way to try it out and it isn't a very cheap device either, so taking the risk of importing it: freight charges, import taxes and the struggle with customs is most likely not worth it. So the more (user) information & experience I could get about it, would be great and helpful.

Thank you for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,
Glad your enjoying our GERMZ>
We do not use Deluge on any of our tracks, Just modular.
Hit us up on Bandcamp for more cosmic electronica.
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