Not the usual sound I experiment with, but I'm enjoying the results.

Hi Farkas,

Wow, that's nice! What were your main modules making this music? Completely within modular or did you use other stuff as well?

I wouldn't mind to hear more of this kind of stuff. You wrote that's not your usual sound, then what's your usual sound; any examples? :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing and I look forward in hearing more music from you, kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Garfield. Thanks for checking it out.
The patch was mostly just Rings with an Arpitecht clocked with Pamela's New Workout. I had a Zlob Diode Chaos slowly modulating the notes and rhythm parameters on the Arpitecht so that it shifted a bit over time, with the Odd output of Rings going through a Ripples filter, and both outputs of the Rings going into a Milky Way. I think I may have used some LFOs from Quadrax into the Ripples and Milky Way. You can sort of see the patch I used in the track photo on Bandcamp.
The only thing I did outside the modular was split the recorded one-take track in two within Garageband and layer the two halves so that they played off each other subtly with a tiny bit of panning. Fairly simple, quick, and lo-fi.
I'm typically inspired to make noisy, error-ridden, and glitchy music: Dark ambient, musique concrete, harsh noise, and that sort of thing, but I appreciate melodic and traditionally rhythmic stuff too.
Again, I really appreciate you listening. I'll be posting more experiments soon. Take care!

Hi Farkas,

Thanks a lot for the additional information, it's nice to hear how one comes to certain sound creation! :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.