Just a litte Experiment :-) Recorded my Dyson Vacuum Cleaner into Arbhar with the built in Microphone and made some Dark Drones out of it. Reverb from Mutable Instruments Clouds

Headphones recommended

Hi Quantum Eraser,

Ha, ha, what a creativity you must have, to come with an idea like this! If I hate something seriously from the household stuff then it's the vacuum cleaner but the subtle way you did it here, I shouldn't have worried. I don't know how you did it (okay with the Arbhar ;-) ) but you managed to keep it subtle while still... how shall we call it... powerful? to listen at! Yeah, there is definitely a "dark tone" to it, but I like it.

Nicely done, I enjoyed the entire track!

What can I say? I hope you are going to try out a lot of "lousy household" apparatus and I look forward to more funny, creative and yet beautiful/nice tracks from you :-)

Have a nice Sunday and kind regards, Garfield.

Now, wait a sec...if the Dyson runs on DC, then wouldn't it possible to DIRECTLY connect it to the modular? Sure, you'd have to add a CV In jack to the vacuum, but hey...something akin to a DC Servo module could pull this off...