A few days back Reaper stopped working on my computer for an unknown reason, I remembered my audio interface included a copy of Ableton Live Lite so I decided to give it a try and record something.

I used the modular to record some clips and then added effects. Sound sources are MI Plaits + Intellijel µVCF and a Minibrute S2.

Still a lot to learn regarding modular, ableton live and music production in general, but I had a good time recording this one.

Hi Exposure,

Thanks a lot for that nice treat :-) I enjoyed listening at it, very slowly you build up the tension in your music, more and more and... my heart was beating overly excited by your music so much tension was there for the listener, yeah, I like that! :-)

Just one question, on one of your main voices there was a kind of cracking/sizzling noise, did you put it there on purpose, or did you overlooked it? If you put it on purpose there, how did you managed that? Quite curious actually.

Ha, ha, and you definitely know where to find your distortion knobs on your modules ;-)

I look forward in hearing more of your music and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

The cracking noise comes from the filtered noise model in the MI Plaits, I left it there for most of the track as I wanted to give it a kind of vintage / old recording vibe.

Distortions are from the Minibrute. The brute factor know is pretty sweet, between 25% and 45% it adds warmth and fattens the sound, past 50% it goes completely mad.

Thanks for your comments Garfield,

Hi Exposure,

Thanks for letting us know the details, I always feel that's interesting to see how people get to certain sounds. The vintage/old recording vibe is a nice thought :-)

Ha, ha, yeah, Arturia choose the "Brute" name very well there.

Have fun with modular and kind regards, Garfield.